FAQs - Instruments


  • How do I find out the measurements for this instrument?

    Many key measurements can be found within the product description on our website or in our product catalog. Instruments in our printed product catalog are actual size unless otherwise noted.

  • What does “for use in the left or right hand” mean?

    This is a description for secondary instruments that will be used in the non-dominant hand. A “left-hand” instrument is designed for right-hand dominant surgeons and vice-versa.

  • I’ve read the Care & Handling instructions, but it doesn’t specify the item number that I purchased.

    While our Care & Handling booklet does not specify the item number, the instructions are valid for most reusable stainless steel and titanium instruments. Click here for our Care & Handling instructions.

  • How do I sterilize your products?

    Please follow the care and handling guide instructions or the cleaning and sterilization instructions found on the IFU (instructions for use) packaged with the product you purchased. Click here for Care & Handling instructions or here for IFU.

  • What are your instruments made of?

    Our instruments are made of medical grade stainless steel or titanium. Other materials may be used and are listed in the product description of a specific product (i.e. diamonds are used in diamond knives).

  • What is the warranty on your products?

    Katena has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Any instrument returned to us and found to have a manufacturing defect will be replaced at no charge. For complete information, refer to our Return policy in our Support section.

  • Which instruments contain latex?

    The garters on Katena’s eye shields (K9-6010 through K9-6040) and the headband (K9-8411) on the Honan Balloon (K9-8410) contain latex. All other products are latex free.

  • Where can I find instructions for use (IFU) on your products?

    IFU may be found on this site in a pdf format under our Support section.