A Focus on Ophthalmology

Katena Products, Inc., headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, is an innovation-driven, medical technology company serving the eye care community. Founded in 1975 as a premier provider of ophthalmic instruments for surgical and in-office applications, Katena has maintained its quality standards while expanding its product portfolio to include biologics, diagnostic lenses, punctum plugs, and devices across cataract, glaucoma, and corneal surgery.


Get to Know Our Leadership Team

Katena is led by a team that is passionate about creating technology innovations, challenging the status quo, inspiring an ethos of partnership, and providing unparalleled service and savings for our customers.

Katena- Leadership | Steve Blazejewski

Steve Blazejewski

President & Chief Executive Officer
Katena- Leadership | Robert Earley

Robert Earley

Chief Financial Officer
Katena- Leadership | Arun Mohan

Arun Mohan

Vice President, Global Marketing
Katena- Leadership |Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons

Vice President, Global Sales
Katena- Leadership | Roger Tyler

Roger Tyler

Managing Director, Blink Medical
Katena- Leadership | Julie Eigenrauch

Julie Eigenrauch

Director, Human Resources
Katena- Leadership | Carolyn Zdenek

Carolyn Zdenek

Vice President, Operations
Katena- Leadership | Bryan Weinmann

Bryan Weinmann

Vice President, QA & RA
Katena- Leadership | Nauman Chughtai

Nauman Chughtai

Vice President, Information Technology


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