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AmbioDisk for Surgeons

Learn more about how Katena's AmbioDisk® is utilized for the treatment of ocular surface diseases and disorders.

Cataract Surgery Using Blink Medical Single-use Instruments

Watch as Mr. Raghaven Sampath FRCS (Ed), Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Leicester Medical University performs cataract surgery using sterile, single-use instruments from Katena's Blink Medical product line. Products shown include:
Iris Scissors Straight Sharp - 20-7002
Sadiq Chopper - 41-4005
Sinskey/Mushroom-Tip Double Ended - 41-9010

XEN® Implantation Procedure
Dr. Manjool Shah, MD, implants a XEN® stent using a variety of Katena ophthalmic instruments.