Tutoplast® Fascia Lata

Item #: 68027

Used during eyelid ptosis surgery.

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Used during eyelid ptosis surgery.

Tutoplast® Fascia Lata
Tutoplast® Fascia Lata



Tutoplast® Fascia Lata
Item #: 68027
Product Description

Tutoplast® processed allografts are virally safe, dehydrated, sterile, human tissue grafts. 5-year shelf life with room temperature storage.

Ptosis slings are used to treat frontalis suspension in patients with significant ptosis and poor levator functioning. Tutoplast® fascia lata allografts represent the safest and most mechanically stable fascia lata allografts available for eyelid ptosis surgery.

Sourced exclusively from the ilio-tibial band of human donors, each Tutoplast® fascia lata allograft is meticulously configured to ensure superior load-bearing performance.

The power of this tissue process technology is its ability to (1) render human tissue void of cell debris, antigens and potential viruses, and (2) maintain the structural integrity inherent in the pre-processed collagen.

The Tutoplast® process is a scientific and technology-based method of virally inactivating, preserving and sterilizing human tissue. The Tutoplast® benefits are vast:

  • Immunologically safe
  • Biologically and mechanically stable
  • Five-year shelf life with room temperature storage
  • Uniform and consistent in tissue quality
  • Improved suturability and handling

During the last 30 years, over 1 million Tutoplast® allografts have been surgically implanted without a single documented case of disease transmission.

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Used in these Common Procedures
  • Oculoplastics