Sub Tenon Set-Fine Tip Scissor
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Item #: 001A

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Product Description

1 x 21-4009 Westcott curved fine tip scissors
1 x 31-1006 Kratz-Barraquer angled temporal speculum
1 x 10-1301 Moorfields suture forceps
Protective wrap
Set supplied sterile in quantities of 8 per box

Complementary Items
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors, Curved

Standard blades with blunt tips

Item #: K4-8510

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Stevens Sub-Tenon Cannula

19 gauge, gently curved flat tip; for atraumatic entry into sub-tenon's space to inject local anesthetic

Item #: K7-4005

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Masket Sub Tenon Anesthesia Cannula 19g

19 gauge, gently curved smooth tip; for "pinpoint" placement of local anesthesia solution into sub-tenon's space

Item #: 91-7078

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