tarSys™ 1 x 4 cm

Item #: TS-81040

8 layer, 300 microns normal thickness when hydrated

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8 layer, 300 microns normal thickness when hydrated



tarSys™ 1 x 4 cm
Item #: TS-81040
Product Description

The tarSys™ bioengineered eyelid spacer graft is intended for implantation to reinforce and aid reconstruction of the eyelid.

Natural tarsus is specialized tissue that is neither purely fibrous nor cartilaginous in composition. The tissue functions as the skeletal structure for the delicate mechanical properties of the lid. Substitute materials necessary to correct lid function are limited due to the hybrid composition of this unique tissue type. The manufacturing process configures the material into a dense elastic matrix suitable for structural repair of superficial mucosa.

  • Engineered specifically for the repair of lid retraction
  • Biologic composition similar to tarsal plate
  • Compatible with superficial mucosa
  • Vertical support, no excess bulk
  • Integrates with host tissue
  • No graft site morbidity
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