Lacrimal Cannula Straight
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Item #: K7-3000

Malleable tip, 23 gauge





Malleable tip, 23 gauge
Complementary Items
Stevenson Retractor 3X3 Prongs

Adjustable lacrimal sac retractor with 3x3 blunt prongs

Item #: K1-9500

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Tibolt Punctal Scissors

One conically shaped blade with micro grooves and textured surface; for simple "two-snip Punctoplasty"

Item #: K4-3130

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Arita Meibomian Gland Compressor

Broad, smoothly polished tips; designed to gently express meibum from inflamed or occluded meibomian glands

Item #: K5-5900

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Bowman Lacrimal Probe Set Of 6

Malleable stainless steel

Item #: K7-2500

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Low profile punctum plug (medium): 0.6mm - 0.8mm

Item #: 31312

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