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Jaffe Lens Hook Straight
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Item #: K3-5160

Lens manipulating hook featuring 0.15mm diameter blunt tip



Lens manipulating hook featuring 0.15mm diameter blunt tip
Complementary Items
Capsulotomy lens

Large diameter optic is more than twice the standard, allowing PCO treatment outside the visual axis of the patient.

Item #: K30-1120

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Angled, 7.5mm long tying platforms

Item #: K5-5030

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Utrata MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps

Very delicate, triangular grasping tips and thin 11mm shanks with maximum jaw opening of 1.75mm; for performing capsulorrhexis through an incision smaller than 1.75mm

Item #: K5-5091

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Livernois IOL Pickup/Folder

IOL folding forceps with concave jaw surfaces for soft IOLs

Item #: K5-8215

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Hydrodissection Cannula

Angled at 8mm, flat tip, 25 gauge

Item #: K7-5054

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