Fine Crescent Fixation Ring W/Swivel Hdl
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Item #: 08-15247

Globe fixation ring

Swivel, Stainless Steel
Globe fixation ring
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Needle Holder, Curved, W/Lock, Delicate, Titanium

Curved with a lock, Delicate jaws, Titanium

Item #: 05-1039

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3D Blade 2.2mm Angled

Gem quality diamond, 3-D Blade

Item #: 05-5093

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Tennant Tying Forceps, Round Hdl, Curved

Curved, 6mm platform, Round handle. Stainless steel.

Item #: 08-01115

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Sabet Lenticular Safety Net

Designed to hold and support a dropping lens to safely allow anterior vitrectomy and phacoemulsification to continue. Can support multiple fragments at once. Provides the length of a cyclodialysis spatula to reach into the vitreous cavity to salvage lens fragments with one instrument. A 23g tube fits through a 1mm incision or pars plana incision and when opened in the eye provides a large surface area for fragment support

Item #: 08-01428

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Diamond Knife Cleaning Packs

Replacement cleaning packs for Diamond Knife Cleaning Cradle (09-7017), 12 per box.

Item #: 09-7018

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