Steinert-Ruminson Astigmatic Gauge & Marker
5 stars - based on 100 reviews

Item #: 08-12116

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Marking Pen Standard (10/Bx)

Sterile, disposable (bx/10); gentian violet

Item #: K20-4500

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Seibel LRI Diamond Knife 1mm Wide

Gem quality diamond, Three preset depths of 500, 550 and 600 microns and full extension for the paracentesis. A double footplate prevents too shallow or too steep cuts, and the snub-nosed blade reduces drag

Item #: 05-5039

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Fine-Thornton Fixation Ring 16mm Swivel

Globe fixation ring with swivel handle and multiple blunt teeth; 16mm diameter ring

Item #: 08-15223

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Diamond Knife Cleaning Packs

Replacement cleaning packs for Diamond Knife Cleaning Cradle (09-7017), 12 per box.

Item #: 09-7018

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