Fine-Crescent Fixation Ring, Titanium
5 stars - based on 100 reviews

Item #: 05-7001

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Rhein Capsulorrhexis Cystotome Forceps, Titanium

Very delicate, cystotome style grasping tips

Item #: 05-2326

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3D Blade 2.2mm Angled

Gem quality diamond, 3-D Blade

Item #: 05-5093

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Johnston LASIK Flap Applanator Titanium

Assists management of flap repositioning, 13mm overal circumference, Lens surface is 12.5mm circumference with 9mm scribed circle that allows for assesment of applanated surface

Item #: 05-7003

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MASKIN® 1mm MGI Probe

MASKIN® 1mm MGI 76µm OD disposable probe, supplied sterile, 10 per box

Item #: 07-6040-1

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Connor Wand Angled

0.5mm diameter ball tip

Item #: 08-07114A

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