Endothelial Glide Spatula

Item #: K3-4270

Funnel-shaped spatula with cut-out notch at tip

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Funnel-shaped spatula with cut-out notch at tip




Endothelial Glide Spatula
Item #: K3-4270
Product Description
This unique instrument is used to atraumatically insert endothelial tissue. Its open design features a platform for tissue placement (endothelial side facing up) and a funnel-shape tapered tip which allows the surgeon to gently slide the tissue into position for the "pull-through" technique. Once the tissue is correctly seated, the instrument is inverted (endothelial side facing down) and the tip is placed at the edge of the primary incision. A special forceps is inserted through an opposing paracentesis incision and is used to grasp and pull the tissue into the anterior chamber.
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