Chu Aspirating Speculum Solid

Item #: K1-5180

Reversible, solid 15mm blades

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Reversible, solid 15mm blades


Chu Aspirating Speculum Solid
Item #: K1-5180
Product Description

This speculum combines thin solid blades for keeping eyelashes from the surgical field and aspiration ports to remove excess fluid during surgery. The shallow angle of the shanks as well as the centrally aligned aspiration ports allow the speculum to be used either nasally or temporally. Its adjustable Lieberman-style mechanism positively controls the opening of the eyelids and prevents a patient from squinting intraoperatively. The speculum is Supplied with silicone tubing and luer-lock adaptor and 24" of silicone tubing for direct connection to the wall suction or other aspiration device.

Used in these Common Procedures
  • Cataract
  • DSEK
  • Cross-linking