Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber
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Item #: K20-2125

Sterile, disposable, holds a 14-18mm donor corneal graft

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Sterile, disposable, holds a 14-18mm donor corneal graft
Product Description
The Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber is a sterile, disposable device designed to be used in conjunction with the Barron Vacuum Trephine. The Barron AAC allows for the donor corneal button to rest on a platform covered in viscoelastic to prevent damage to the endothelial side of the tissue. The corneal graft is then cut with a Barron Vacuum Trephine from the epithelial side of the tissue which can assist in preventing donor-recipient tissue size mismatch. The device also has two ports which allow for irrigation or aspiration of the tissue during the cutting process.
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