Bowman Lacrimal Probe Set Of 6
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Item #: K7-2500

Malleable stainless steel



Malleable stainless steel
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Castroviejo Lacrimal Dilator

Double-end, fine and medium taper

Item #: K7-2300

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Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Set

Includes 2 olive tip, 0.6mm diameter probes attached to 30.5cm long silicone tubing; 0.012" inner diameter, 0.025" outer diameter

Item #: K7-2620

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Crawford Retrieving Hook

Retrieving hook for Crawford lacrimal intubation probes

Item #: K7-2623

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Pigtail Probe

With suture holes

Item #: K7-2900

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Low profile punctum plug (small): 0.4mm - 0.6mm

Item #: 31302

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