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AmbioDisk™ 100 microns

Item #: AF-1150

Sutureless, dehydrated Amniotic membrane graft for in-office applications.

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Sutureless, dehydrated Amniotic membrane graft for in-office applications.

AmbioDisk™ 100 microns
AmbioDisk™ 100 microns




AmbioDisk™ 100 microns
Item #: AF-1150
Product Description

AmbioDisk™ is a sutureless, dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft utilized for the safe and effective treatment of ocular surface diseases and disorders in the office setting. 5-year shelf life with simple room temperature storage.

In-office applications:

  • Non-healing epithelial defects
  • Neurotrophic ulcerations
  • Corneal erosions
  • Acute chemical/thermal burns
  • Post-infectious keratitis (herpetic, vernal, bacterial)
  • Conditions associated with excessive dry eye

Biostructurally intact:

  • The scientifically-based AmbioDisk™ Purion® process removes bioburden and potential virulency, but retains the devitalized, cellular components
  • Contains an intact epithelial, columnar cell matrix on the surface of the basement membrane
  • Provides a loose collagen layer bordered by retained fibroblasts

Safety and handling:

  • All recovered tissue meets stringent specifications related to donor screening and testing
  • Each allograft is processed, sterilized and packaged with proprietary, device-like methods to ensure consistent, high quality tissue for transplantation

Simple storage and preparation:

  • Allografts are provided dehydrated for room-temp storage
  • No freezing or refrigeration required
  • No thawing or soaks required
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Used in these Common Procedures
  • Ocular Surface Disease