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Sarkisian-Westcott Scissors

  2.15 MB

For easy intra-operative measurements during glaucoma and oculoplastic procedures.

Double-X Speculums

  1.59 MB

New styles!  Ideal for cataract, refractive, glaucoma and corneal procedures.

Donnenfeld IOL Removal System

  1.85 MB

For explanting an IOL through a small incision!

Chu Femto Speculum

  1.54 MB

Parallel retraction; less pressure; better docking.

Intra-Operative Aberrometry Instruments

  1.25 MB

Short handled instruments designed specifically for use with intra-operative aberrometry systems.

Micro Cataract Solutions

  284.83 kB

New instruments for performing cataract surgery through a small incision. 

Holland DALK Scissors

  355.13 kB

For the safe excision of stromal tissue. 

Donnenfeld Femto Instruments

  777.41 kB

Instruments for Cataract Surgery when utilizing a femtosecond laser. 

MSICS Instruments

  1.30 MB

Featuring the Strauss-Simcoe I/A Cannula designed for use in manual small incision cataract surgery. 

Instruments for Glaucoma

  1.46 MB

Including the Fukasaku MIT Punch, Luntz-Dodick Punch, Blumenthal Conjunctiva Dissector and Fechtner Conjunctiva Forceps. 

Instruments for DALK

  677.25 kB

Specially designed instruments from Katena for use in Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty surgery. 

ICL Instruments

  1,019.57 kB

Featuring a specially designed manipulator and forceps for use in ICL insertion. 

Hu Femto Forceps

  1.31 MB

...for cataract surgery! 

Fechtner EX-PRESS (R) Marker

  1.92 MB

For exact glaucoma filtration device placement. 

Instruments for Capsulorrhexis...

  681.19 kB

New instruments for achieving a perfectly sized and perfectly centered capsulorrhexis. 

Femtosecond Instruments

  1.59 MB

Featuring new instruments used to find and lift a LASIK flap cut with a femtosecond laser. 

Giannetti MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps

  1.35 MB

For use through a 1.5mm incision! 

Lieberman Speculums

  1.55 MB

For precise control of the patient's lids. 

New Endothelial Insertion Instruments

  1.85 MB

Featuring instruments used in the "Pull-Through" Technique. 

Capsule Polishers

  571.06 kB

To aid in the removal of residual cortex and cellular material from the capsule. 

Bimanual Irrigation & Aspiration

  1.40 MB

For improved access to all quadrants of the capsule during cortex removal and capsule clean-up. 

Arita Meibomian Gland Compressor

  1.51 MB

For the atraumatic compression of meibomian glands. 

The Vidaurri Fluid Retention Ring

  1.26 MB

...for PRK & CXL 

Henderson Instruments

  573.88 kB

for Toric IOLs and LRIs 

Globe News - LRIs with Greater Precision

  730.09 kB

FOCUS: Instruments for Creating Accurate Limbal Relaxing Incisions.
FEATURES:  Chu LRI Marker, New LRI Diamond Knives, Stolte IOL Cutter, Femtosecond LASIK Instruments, Fukasaku MIT Punch, New MICS Diamond Knives, Chu Aspirating Speculum and Combination Horizontal & Vertical Choppers. 

Surgical Solutions - Volume #4

  915.14 kB

FOCUS: Instruments to solve problems related to LRI, cataract, MICS, DSEK and glaucoma surgeries. 

DSEK Instruments from Katena (new)

  1.33 MB

An updated list of DSEK instruments from Katena. 

Globe News - Iris Retractors

  1.12 MB

FOCUS:  Iris Retractors for Managing Floppy Iris Syndrome.
FEATURES: Giannetti MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps, Giannetti HydroChopper, Fukasaku Hydro Chop Cannula, Alio Irrigating "Stinger", DSEK Instruments, Burnstine Lacrimal Cannula, LRI Diamond Knives, Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber. 

The Barron Corneal Transplant System

  3.82 MB

Barron Corneal Transplant System 

DLEK Instruments from Katena

  309.91 kB

DLEK Instruments from Katena 

Performance Microsurgical Knives

  587.92 kB

FOCUS: Katena's Microsurgical Performance Blades & Knives. 

Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber

  470.82 kB

FOCUS:  The Barron Artificial Anterior Chamber allows the donor cornea to be cut from the epithelial side.  

Globe News - HydroChoppers

  392.24 kB

FOCUS:  HydroChoppers for 65% more irrigation flow.
FEATURES: Kellen Capsulorrhexis Marker, Lu Phaco PreChopper, De La O Forceps for manual cataract extraction, Gold Punctal Plug Forceps. 

Surgical Solutions - Volume #1

  2.34 MB

FOCUS: Instruments to solve problems related to IOL manipulation & explantation, stenotic punctum, cataract, glaucoma and corneal surgeries. 

Surgical Solutions - Volume #2

  946.66 kB

FOCUS: Instruments to solve problems related to pterygium, cataract, corneal, strabismus, glaucoma, LASIK & lacrimal surgeries. 

Surgical Solutions - Volume #3

  1.25 MB

FOCUS: Instruments to solve problems related to DLEK, LASIK, PK, cataract, MICS and glaucoma surgeries. 

Chang Contingency Kit

  2.63 MB

FOCUS:  A dedicated set of instruments for managing the anticipated difficulties of a posterior capsule rupture, as advocated by David Chang, M.D..  

Globe News - Delicate Muscle Instruments

  1.02 MB

FOCUS: Eugene Helveston, MD designs a new group of extra delicate strabismus instruments.
FEATURES: Akahoshi Phaco PreChopper, Fechtner Conjunctiva Forceps and the Keuch Pupil Dilator.  

Globe News - LASIK: What are my Choices?

  1.41 MB

FOCUS: Instrument choices for LASIK surgery.  

Globe News - Controlled IOL Explantation

  1.18 MB

FOCUS: IOL Cutter and popular instruments for Phaco surgery.
FEATURES: Christensen Punctum Punch, Ginsberg Speculum for excess lid tissue, and the Helveston Fixation Forceps.  

Globe News - Micro Incision Cataract Surgery

  1.53 MB

FOCUS: Jorge Alio, MD designs a new group of instruments for MICS Technique.
FEATURES: Akahoshi Combo PreChopper, Irrigating Choppers and the Tanna Speculum for globe fixation.  

Globe News - LASEK The Epithelial Flap

  985.13 kB

FOCUS: Instrument choices for LASEK surgery.
FEATURES: Bishop Muscle Hook, Phakonit Instruments, Chu LASIK Enhancement Technique. 





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